Why Franchisee Opinion Research?

iStk_11860969_426pxWhy Research?

  • The strongest franchise systems have the enthusiastic endorsement of their franchisees.
  • Open, honest feedback from existing franchisees helps to identify which programs are working, and which are not. This information can add to higher sales (royalties) and profits.
  • Enthusiastic, energized franchisees are the cornerstone of brand growth, and critical in the attraction of high-quality candidates.
  • Without the assurance of confidentiality, franchisees often withhold critical information.
  • High-quality franchisee opinion research can provide necessary information for strategic planning and benchmarking efforts.
  • Understanding franchisees’ needs leads to ongoing system-wide improvement, and the ability to effectively set and manage the expectations of candidates and existing franchisees.
  • It can be tempting to make assumptions about the franchisee experience; a confidential forum for feedback can uncover surprising concerns.


Why The Franchise Research Institute?

  • All research is built upon a solid foundation of intimate franchise understanding (Jeff Johnson’s nearly 30 years in franchising) and research expertise (study design by Dr. Dwayne Ball, professor of research methodology).
  • Accurate, scientific research methods are consistently used.
  • All surveys are independent and unbiased.
  • Survey questions are easily understood and unambiguous.
  • 100% of franchisees are contacted (including “sold, but not opened” licensees).
  • Completely confidential responses are guaranteed (thereby eliminating “false positive” responses intended to garner favor or avoid retaliation).
  • Research reports provide clear, meaningful information.
  • Unmatched research quality is provided at a highly competitive fee.



“A successful franchise community relationship depends heavily on having good information and insights that can drive and guide the business.  The Franchise Research Institute helped Arby’s achieve just that through their methodology and surveying practices, which are second to none.” – Paul Brown, CEO, Arby’s Restaurant Group

“Over the years, Jeff and his team at the Franchise Research Institute, through their research tools, have given us insights that have provided objective and constructive feedback as we work to continuously improve our key franchise relationships.  Their methodology is sound and statistical and their questions are the right ones to ask. We could not be happier.” Steve DeSutter, FOCUS Brands CEO & President (Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, Moe’s Southwestern Grill, Schlotzsky’s)

 “The Franchise Research Institute has helped us better understand the needs of both our domestic and international franchisees annually since 2008. High-quality franchisee opinion research is a critical part of our strategic planning and benchmarking efforts. Their attention to detail and scientific methodology are unmatched in the industry.”
Harold M. (“Sonny”) Cohen, General Counsel, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen