Terms and Conditions

FranSurvey® Report – Terms of Service

By “Agreeing”, you are stating that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms of service regarding the FranSurvey® Report you are about to obtain.

1. The FranSurvey Report.

We are proud of the FranSurvey® Report you are requesting. It has been designed and assembled by working directly with franchisees in a single franchise system. We owe those franchise owners a debt of thanks.

They have trusted us to present their opinions in such a manner that they cannot be individually identified, and yet in a unique format so that their voices can be heard collectively. We also owe the franchisor our thanks for having the confidence in its system to invite us in to survey its franchise owners. We have worked diligently with the franchisor and the franchisees in this system and hope you find the results enlightening. As with any collection of current information from numerous people, the FranSurvey Report has limitations that you must appreciate. The FranSurvey® Report is based entirely on the information we were provided by those franchisees and it is largely based on personal views and opinions. We have not undertaken to verify any aspect of the information provided by franchisees. Further, the list of franchisees surveyed for this report was provided to us by the franchisor, and it has not been otherwise verified by us. The information on which the FranSurvey Report is based may become outdated with the passage of time. The opinions we surveyed may change from the date they are expressed to us by franchisees and the date you receive your FranSurvey Report. The FranSurvey Report offers a fascinating snapshot of the collective opinions of a group of business owners. We recommend to our franchisor clients that the FranSurvey Report be updated at least once a year.



2. Limited Use of the FranSurvey Report.

We retain all copyrights in the Report. That means that we alone have the right to reproduce and distribute the FranSurvey Report. By requesting this report, you will have the right to use it for your personal use in evaluating a franchise investment. You may not reproduce, publish, or re-sell the FranSurvey Report without our written permission. If you seek permission to reproduce a FranSurvey Report, please contact Jeff Johnson at “jeff@franchiseresearchinstitute.com”.

3. Franchise Investing.

You acknowledge that purchasing a franchised business is a high risk investment, and that you are well advised to seek the advice of a qualified business advisor before making your decision to purchase a franchised business. The opinions of franchisees expressed through a FranSurvey Report should be considered only as a part of a complete evaluation of a potential franchise investment, and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information regarding any aspect of the investment. You acknowledge that most experts in franchising recommend that a prospective investor should speak personally with a number of current franchisees in additional to carefully reviewing the information contained in the company’s Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD) with a business advisor.

4. Consent to Use of Your Information and Your Privacy.

We respect your privacy and take seriously our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of the information you provide to us. We will retain your contact information and will supply that contact information to the franchisor of the FranSurvey Report you are requesting from us. By agreeing to this set of terms and conditions you consent to this use of your contact information.