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KidStrong is a milestone-accelerator for kids walking through 11 years old.

We help parents identify their child’s superpowers and accelerate development across character, physical, and brain milestones.

This results in kids who are more confident making friends, on the playground, and in the classroom.

In other words… Kids who will win at life.

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Our sleek, app-driven tech monitors your kids’ developmental milestones using interactive learning tools, tracks progress, and provides access to at-home resources, including experts and science-backed training modules.

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Our Story

In 2015, Matt and Megin began training at home and seeing amazing results with their own kids. Through experimentation and research, they realized that what parents want is a trusted resource to help them raise strong and independent kids. They began developing programs and hosting pop-up classes in Lexington, KY.

In 2018, they moved to Dallas and opened the first KidStrong center in Frisco, TX with co-founder Megan Stein. Together, they decided to perfect the KidStrong program with a focus on brain, character, and physical development of kids. Today, we have grown exponentially, with nearly 400 franchises sold to date and thousands of lives changed.