Expense Reduction Analysts

ERA believes that all organizations deserve the best supplier relationships at the lowest cost. However, ERA’s 20+ years of experience in delivering over 18,000 client projects consistently shows that the vast majority of companies are systematically over-paying their suppliers.

ERA wants organizations to feel confident that they’re not leaving money on the table, and if they are, ERA shows them where it is, how much it is, and, will even get it for them. Companies are surprised by how ERA consistently finds an additional 10%-30% savings in some of their most significant expense categories, and those savings represent a significant boost to their cash flow that can be put back to work in their business. ERA’s approach recovers this additional cash flow, without any compromise to supplier quality and service.


Not only do ERA specialists understand the unique inner workings within each of the suppliers’ world, they have real time data on changes in the suppliers’ markets and behaviors, locally, across the country, and even other parts of the world. As a global company, ERA’s network of specialists spans five continents, allowing us to benchmark costs and spending, witness the latest supplier innovations, and to know what’s really possible. As the largest and most experienced consultancy of its kind, ERA also has the recognition and credibility within the supplier markets to command their attention on your behalf.

The Opportunity

ERA offers you the opportunity to build your own consulting practice that delivers a value proposition to companies across virtually all industries and sizes. This opportunity appeals to business professionals who want to engage with executive-level decision makers, desire to make a meaningful difference in the clients’ businesses, can see themselves as trusted advisors, and know how to build strong professional relationships.

The ERA opportunity combines key elements of the classic consulting firm with the franchise business model.

To become a managing director or partner in a typical consulting firm you would have likely earned your way to an equity stake in the firm over many years. ERA uses the franchise business model to immediately provide you with the professional status of a consultant. Right away, you begin controlling your own destiny and enjoying all the business benefits of owning your own practice.

For more than twenty years, our success has been fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurial spirit to take our proven value proposition to market. Our success is based on the success of our franchisees. As a result, our recruitment process is focused on finding only those candidates that are the best fit for the business. To help you in your journey, we not only provide you the formula, but also give you access to insider knowledge, experts to deliver our services, operational business tools, marketing resources, and the training to build your own practice within the ERA network.

The Requirements


  • EVERY franchisee contacted
  • 85% of Expense Reduction Analysts franchisees surveyed
  • Research completed January 2017


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