ComForCare Certified as a World-Class Franchise for 8th Consecutive Year



ComForCare® Certified as a 2015 World-Class Franchise®

By The Franchise Research Institute®

LINCOLN, NE (February 13, 2015) – ComForcare® has received World-Class Franchise® certification from the Franchise Research Institute®.

The recognition comes after an independent franchisee validation survey conducted by the Franchise Research Institute, in which 77.2% of all ComForcare franchisees participated. The survey was designed to determine the quality of 11 key metrics crucial to franchisee success within the ComForcare franchise system.

“Using confidential surveys to analyze franchisee opinions is vital to building a successful franchise brand,” said Jeff Johnson, Founder and CEO of the Franchise Research Institute. “ComForcare relied upon our comprehensive, unbiased, third-party research to obtain honest feedback from their franchisees, in order to help maximize franchisee sales and profitability.”

The survey asked ComForcare’s franchise owners to rate their franchisor through a series of questions in categories such as overall quality, growth potential, support and communication.

Among the responses received from ComForcare’s franchisees:

  • 99% gave a positive rating to the overall quality of the franchisor.
  • 95% said their franchisor understands that if they are successful, the franchise will be successful.
  • 99% gave a positive rating to the opportunity provided by the franchise system.
  • 96% gave a positive grade to the initial training supplied by the franchisor.
  • 97% gave a positive rating to the overall communication between home office personnel and franchisees.


“ComForcare is very pleased to achieve world Class franchise status again this past year, making it eight years in row, which is something that we are quite proud of.  I would encourage any established franchise system that is serious about growth and continuous improvement to work with the Franchise Research Institute.  Their program is far more than a marketing tool to create differentiation, but rather an executive management tool that allows an organization to see what its members are saying objectively about the franchisee/franchisor relationship, values, services, support and more.  By analyzing the raw data, our team here can see how responses sometimes change and exactly what our members feel about specific items. This information can be very difficult to obtain and yet, with almost 80% of our members responding each year, we know that the sampling size is rock solid.”

“From a Franchise Development perspective, the results are more accurate than other programs and truly reflective of what makes our franchise system different which is a key objective we have been able to achieve by using the confidential survey format.  The methodology is sound, the results are accurate and the feedback is invaluable.” – Philip LeBlanc, Vice President of Franchise Development


ComForcare’s franchise satisfaction results are available at:

About the Franchise Research Institute®:

The Franchise Research Institute is the original auditor of franchisee validation and does NOT sell leads or advertising. World-Class Franchise® opportunities must demonstrate that they are endorsed by their franchise owners through FRI’s scientific, confidential, third-party surveys.

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