City Wide Maintenance Certified as a World-Class Franchise

LINCOLN, NE (May 21, 2013) –City Wide Maintenance has received World-Class Franchise® certification from the Franchise Research Institute®.

The recognition comes after an independent survey conducted by the Franchise Research Institute, in which 93.5% of all City Wide Maintenance franchisees participated. The survey was designed to determine the level of franchisee satisfaction within the City Wide franchise system.

“Franchisee satisfaction is a key ingredient in creating a sustainably successful franchise brand,” says Jeff Johnson, founder and CEO of the Franchise Research Institute. “City Wide Maintenance utilized unbiased, third-party validation through confidential franchisee surveys to obtain open, honest feedback.  They are not afraid of transparency, and use the data gathered for the continued betterment of the company and the franchisee experience.”

The survey asked City Wide franchise owners to rate their franchisor through a series of questions in categories such as overall quality, growth potential, support and communication.


Among the responses received from City Wide Maintenance franchisees:

  • 100% gave a positive grade to the overall quality of the franchisor.
  • 97% of the respondents would recommend the franchise to other prospective franchisees.
  • 97% felt that they are able to communicate directly and effectively with senior management.
  • 100% of respondents believe that their franchisor is a competent, skillful organization.
  • 100% gave a positive rating to the overall communication between home office personnel and franchisees.

“City Wide Maintenance understands that high scores from franchisees (when obtained inclusively and confidentially) are proof that they are consistently meeting or exceeding franchise owners’ expectations.  These ratings provide a scientific basis for continued improvement of the support provided to franchisees,” says Johnson.

“We are very honored to receive such high marks from our current franchisees. We work hard to help our franchisees be the most successful business owners they can be and take these positive results as a testament to that hard work,” says CEO Jeff Oddo.

City Wide Maintenance franchise satisfaction results are available at: