Christmas Decor Receives High Franchisee Validation Scores

Christmas Decor Receives High Franchisee Validation Scores

LINCOLN, NE (March 15, 2022) – Christmas Decor is once again pleased to announce its high FranSurvey® results administered by the Franchise Research Institute®, an organization dedicated to promoting high standards of excellence throughout the franchising industry.

With more franchise opportunities available today than ever before, the process of researching and purchasing a franchise can be overwhelming. Each year, the Franchise Research Institute surveys thousands of franchisees to gauge their level of satisfaction with their franchisor. FranSurvey is an invaluable tool in assessing the health of any franchise, based on confidential feedback of the true franchise experts – the franchisees!


“Knowing what our franchises think is important to us—and through tools like FranSurvey, we get an anonymous, and honest stream of feedback that tells us where we may be off base, and what we are doing right,” said Brandon Stephens, president of Christmas Decor. “Together with our franchise partners, we’ve built a solid company—and this year’s survey gives us great confidence that we are on the right track. Even so, we did receive some constructive feedback that will allow us to improve even more this year.”

FranSurvey is a comprehensive, confidential survey that provides input on all of the key variables in a franchise relationship including training, marketing, helpfulness of support staff, quality of products and services and more to provide a sense of whether current franchisees are energetic, successful, profitable and enthusiastic about their business. Christmas Decor’s franchisees certainly are, as the survey reported a 99 percent success score when it comes to quality performance throughout the organization (a startling number in a down economy).


“Christmas Decor’s leadership understands the importance of the partnership between franchisor and franchisees and relies on unbiased data to make decisions which help maximize franchisee sales and profitability.” Further, Christmas Decor’s willingness to share this ‘look under the hood’ provides a level of transparency in their franchise opportunity that is crucial information for franchisee candidates.” says Jeff Johnson, founder, and CEO of the Franchise Research Institute.


Among the responses received from Christmas Decor franchisees:

  • 91% would recommend Christmas Decor to another prospective franchisee.
  • 97% gave a positive rating to the joint commitment between franchisor and franchisee.
  • 99% gave a positive rating to the long-term growth potential for the franchise.
  • 93% gave a positive score in regards to high quality performance standards.
  • 99% gave a positive score for communication between the home office and franchisees.
  • 99% rated this franchise business positively compared to the local competition.


About The Decor Group:
The Decor Group, Inc. provides best-in-class products, training and support in the holiday decorating and outdoor lighting industries. Through their client-facing brands, Christmas Decor (holiday & event decorating services), Nite Time Decor (landscape/outdoor lighting), Barcana (holiday decor products), and PermaLites365 (permanent outdoor lighting), The Decor Group can service ANY client with needs related to their product/service categories.


About the Franchise Research Institute®:

The Franchise Research Institute is a Franchise Performance Measurement firm headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska. FRI, founded in 2002 is the original auditor of franchisee validation and does NOT sell leads or advertising. FRI’s World-Class Franchise® opportunities must demonstrate that they are endorsed by their franchise owners through FRI’s scientific, confidential, third-party surveys.


For more information contact: Adrienne Johnson, Project Manager, Franchise Research Institute®, 402-489-5205 or